Quinta-feira, 30 de Dezembro de 2010

The God That Failed.

I wish it wasnt like this, but if there was a god, certainly it wasnt like this. No homeless people, countries with hunger, thirst or with war.

Sometimes it seems a war time novelty, with all the countries fighting, I really dont get it. Why do they fight? We all have to die someday.
It's not fair for the people who are fighting for the war to end. For the mothers and fathers who are wainting at home, for their loved ones to come back, and then realize that they will never come back.
It is sad, I admit, but if there was a real god, it wouldnt be nothing like this. If there was a god, the world would be a better place. The kids in the poor countries would finally get something to eat, something to drink.
The wars would be over, the world would have peace.
Some people look at me like I've done something wrong. I just dont believe in you. And some of that people try to inject me with what you've done and those stuffs, I just dont take that for granted.
If you really exist, the world would be, definitely, a better place for the people who are dying every minute.

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Quinta-feira, 5 de Agosto de 2010

Day Fourteen.

I'm back. O meu pc teve a arranjar, e mesmo que não tivesse, não tinha pachorra pa vir aqui. *like you care.*


Favourite Purchase Ever Made.

Provavelmente o meu pc e o meu telemóvel, so, yeah.

*no photos.*

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The God That Failed.

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